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A Whole Wide World of Paintballers!

Here at the CAPBA we work intensively to promote for the sport of Paintball in Canada, both for the leisure and recreational market and also for all of you serious lifers out there! We also do more work on an international front to promote our passion. Our global...

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Possibly the best Kid’s Birthday Party in the world?!

We like to think so at the CAPBA and we work hard with our members to ensure that they provide just that. A safe, fun filled, adrenaline packed experience and exclusively for children not yet in their teens. It is incredible how far the sport of Paintball has...

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Paintball: a bucket list item?

If you like extreme sports or experiences and have thought about bungee jumping, sky diving or driving a race car, you’ve probably thought about playing paintball. Every weekend, thousands of people across Canada participate in recreational paintball sports. It’s a...

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Paintball Birthday Parties

Every weekend children around Canada are taking part in fun-filled birthday paintball parties. With the incredible safety standards at all CAPBA-approved paintball centres, parents can be rest assured that their children will be well looked after. At the end of the...

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Paintball Membership

The Canada Paintball Association (CAPBA) was established to help promote and protect the Canadan paintballing industry. With your help we can achieve these objectives and see our incredible sport grow to become one of the largest in the country. CAPBA membership is...

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5-Star Paintball Fields in Canada

The Canada Paintball Association issues 5-star ratings to those paintball centres that offer the ultimate paintball adventure, placing an emphasis on safety and customer service and satisfaction. At the publication of this article, the CAPBA has issued 5-star ratings...

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Neck Protection

At the CAPBA we’re constantly on the lookout for new industry initiatives that make the sport safer, more enjoyable and more appealing to a wider target market. The more people that get to experience a fun and exciting day of paintball then the greater the chance the...

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Paintball Safety Gear

Although those who have never played or who know little about paintball sometimes deem the activity to be somewhat dangerous, it is in fact safer and incurs fewer injuries than many mainstream contact sports like hockey, football and basketball. As with most sports,...

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IPG – A company you can trust

International Paintball Group is the world’s largest paintball agency. They have over 115 paintball centres in 6 countries around the world. This company provides thousands of people with amazing deals to play paintball every year. IPG are responsible for bringing...

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