We like to think so at the CAPBA and we work hard with our members to ensure that they provide just that. A safe, fun filled, adrenaline packed experience and exclusively for children not yet in their teens.

It is incredible how far the sport of Paintball has developed both in and outside of Canada over the past couple of decades. Advances in technology have totally changed the game and opened it up to a diverse demographic and all sorts of new players. With softer, miniature Paintballs and reduced, light-weight markers now available at some fields, much younger players can be accommodated safely.

New games in Canada can let children as young as 8 years old play, and the spread of ages attending our member’s 5* Paintball fields have recently with the introduction of several child specific options for the younger crowd. Some of the feedback we have been receiving at the CAPBA has blown us away!

paintball kids cheering

Well done to those fields out there flying the flag for a new generation of Mini-Paintballers and offering games for the younger audience!

If you have a young girl or boy who is fascinated by the sport and were considering taking them to play; check out our member listing for fields in your area offering mini games for the younger crowd and get them out there running around and away from in front of the screen!