At the CAPBA we’re constantly on the lookout for new industry initiatives that make the sport safer, more enjoyable and more appealing to a wider target market. The more people that get to experience a fun and exciting day of paintball then the greater the chance the sport has of growing.

If you want complete safety and comfort on your next paintball outing, then Delta Force has the answer for you. All players will receive a full-length camouflage body suit that comes complete with a protective padded collar. This high-profile collar reduces the chances you have of being shot in the neck and will provide you with more confidence on the battlefield.

When combined with their full head protection goggles you are provided with complete protection to the neck and head. This impressive Delta Force initiative ensures you can enjoy all of the thrills of paintball, without fear of potentially painful shots to the neck and head.

When it comes to paintball equipment, Delta Force paintball centres throughout the country offer the complete service. In addition to the overalls with the padded neck protection, all players will receive the latest semi-automatic paintball machine gun, full head protection goggles and a 400-shot capacity battle pack.

Delta Force paintball centres place an emphasis on safety, and their impressive equipment is just one of the reasons they have received an CAPBA 5-star rating.

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