The Canada Paintball Association issues 5-star ratings to those paintball centres that offer the ultimate paintball adventure, placing an emphasis on safety and customer service and satisfaction.

At the publication of this article, the CAPBA has issued 5-star ratings to six centres across Canada: Barrie, Sherwood Park, Maple Ridge, Calgary, Ottawa and Winnipeg.

All of the above centres have pushed the boundaries of the Canadian paintball industry, revolutionising it with their movie-set game scenarios and outstanding equipment. Not only have they made a day of paintball action safer and more enjoyable, but also their facilities, staff and training procedures will ensure you have the very best paintball experience.

Some of the criteria for a 5-star rating include: having no paintball markers inside the safe zone, high mesh netting to prevent the ingress of paintballs, flushing WCs, all weather seating areas and first aid equipment and facilities.

The equipment on offer at these centres includes full-length camouflage overalls, complete with protective neck padding, full head protection goggles and custom-designed body armour to protect the upper torso.

But we also recognise the need for adrenalin-pumping action! The game zones on offer at our 5-star rated centres will make you feel as though you’ve been placed in the middle of a movie set. Customer feedback has been incredible, with Tomb Raider being the pick of the crop.

We are constantly reviewing paintball centres all around Canada, and will update you when new centres achieve the rating of a 5-star paintball centre.