Here at the CAPBA we work intensively to promote for the sport of Paintball in Canada, both for the leisure and recreational market and also for all of you serious lifers out there! We also do more work on an international front to promote our passion.

Our global relationships with our partners such as The UK Paintball Association (UKPBA) and The Australian Paintball Association (AUPBA), among others, have gone from strength to strength in the past few years and we now have access to a massive network internationally. With scores of 5* partners and affiliates dotted across the globe, you are never far away from an awesome experience!

The AUPBA and the UKPBA have a very similar standard to ours when it comes to recognizing what it takes to become an accredited member and operate what they class as a 5* facility. To name just a very few of the things we all look for when we look to add new members are:

  • Multiple mission and not just empty fields! We need a bit of excitement these days and the 80’s are long gone.
  • First class safety equipment and an excellent safety record on the field.
  • Professional and properly trained Paintball Marshalls to supervise players.
  • Decent facilities with washrooms and a proper base camp with shelter.

So, should you find yourself lost in another country and badly needing some fun, do not panic! Check out the links to our international partners to find amazing paintball fields all over the world!