If you like extreme sports or experiences and have thought about bungee jumping, sky diving or driving a race car, you’ve probably thought about playing paintball.

Every weekend, thousands of people across Canada participate in recreational paintball sports. It’s a fun filled adrenaline-fuelled activity that gets you and your friends an experience that is pretty close to an actual battlefield environment; assuming you want to have fun & experience the adrenaline but not be in any actual danger.

If you’re thinking about taking the plunge and getting together a few of your friends and heading down to your local paintball facility, there are probably three things you’ll consider before deciding to do so, much like you would do for any other extreme sports activity:


You want to ensure that you and your co-participants are in a safe environment with only the best equipment in good condition.


You want to ensure that the activity you’ll be participating in has production value and that the games, props & rules have been given extensive thought and are executed well. You also want to be able to have somewhere comfortable to take a break in between your hard fought battles.


You want to ensure that you and your friends are getting good value for your hard-earned money.

The Canada Paintball Association has several member facilities with 5-star ratings that will tick all 3 of those boxes for you. See our Member Directory for CAPBA approved operators in your area.